Update on my Ipsy package…

by Kathryn

Hey folks!

Here’s an update on my Ipsy package.
I received my Ipsy bag on June 17. Like I said in my first post about Ipsy, the mascara smelt awful and the product itself wasn’t good. Shortly after application of the product, my eyes started to water profusely and itch. I took the mascara off. The smell made me very hesitant to try it in the first place, and then the reaction to the mascara made me never want to put it on again. I checked out Be A Bombshell’s Facebook page, and there were hundreds of comments from people who shared my concerns. They barely addressed the issue, attempting to hide the issue by posting often to push the large post with people’s comments further down the page. They didn’t even apologize or explain themselves really (because that would be an admission of guilt), and just said they were doing additional testing. This was not good enough. When you have hundreds of comments on a post detailing poor experiences with your product, you need to address the issue. I was so unimpressed and disappointed with Be A Bombshell. Their response, and customer service in general (on top of their poor product) has pushed me away from ever purchasing their products.

I sent an email to BAB, and received the same copy-paste response that they posted to their Facebook page. Seriously? They later posted, saying that Ipsy will be handling the issue. I emailed Ipsy, explaining how it was my first glam bag and that I loved their other products but was really disappointed in the mascara by Be A Bombshell. A person named Cindy got back to me, and in a very curt response, offered to compensate my negative experience by sending me another BAB product. To be honest, I’m very skeptical about it. I’m going to check out reviews on the product prior to use to make sure it’s safe once I receive it. We’ll see, I guess.

My next glam bag should be here soon– and, surprise surprise, of course there is a BAB product in it. I’m looking forward to the rest though.

Oh, and I threw out the mascara. I looked it up online and it costs $15 off of their website, plus shipping. Definitely not worth it in my books.

What have your experiences with Be A Bombshell been like? What about Ipsy, or another subscription?

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